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Gas Line Plumbing in Petaluma

Gas Line Plumbers in Sonoma & Marin County

As an experienced plumbing company, gas lines are not something we take lightly as it is a safety issue, and the safety of our clients and team is first and foremost our primary goal.

When it comes to gas lines, Roman’s Plumbing, Inc. requires plumbing permits.

This ensures the following:

  1. The gas line is installed to the highest standard.
  2. The gas line is inspected by a second party (ie. the Building Inspector.)
  3. The gas line is tested for leaks, assessed and passed. 
  4. When pulling a permit the following requirements must be met by the Plumbing Contractor:
    1. Must be a Licensed Plumber.
    2. Must be Insured.
    3. Must be Bonded.
    4. Must have Workmans Comp.

The Following Projects Require Gas Lines: 

  • BBQ’s
  • Fire Pits
  • Ranges
  • Water Heaters
  • Furnace
  • Pool Equipment 
  • Fire Places
  • Outdoor Heaters
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Helpful Tips:

  • Before purchasing a gas range or converting from electric to gas, contact Roman’s Plumbing, Inc. for an evaluation. The fee will be far less than the restocking fee or the surprise cost of an unexpected gas upgrade.
  • Before purchasing a tankless water heater, contact Roman’s Plumbing, Inc. for an evaluation and proper gas sizing. The most common mistake in tankless water heater installations and failures is improper gas sizing due to an inexperienced installer. The fee will be far less than the reinstallation or replacement of the new unit. (And trust us … this does happen more often than you think!)

Hire Roman’s Plumbing, Inc., a trusted source to complete the installation, repair, or replacement of your gas line. We would be honored and privileged to be of service!

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