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Toilet Repair & Installation in Sonoma & Marin County

Replacing your toilets can be a personal and private decision and much like water heaters, an investment not to take lightly. Whether you are looking for form versus function, a quality toilet can actually SAVE  you money!

When you purchase a toilet that is not reliable or does not have a proper flush, it can cost you more money in the long run with repeat visits from a plumber for auguring (snaking a clogged toilet). The proper flush does make a different. 

Toilets, much like soda … are a preference! Are you a Coca Cola person or a Pepsi person? Everyone is different. In this same light, some people like Kohler, while others like Toto. The manufacturer DOES make a difference. It makes a difference with function, warranty, costs and reliability not to mention finding proper repair parts. The more well-known the manufacturer, the more likely your plumbing issue can be resolved in a timely fashion. 

Things to Look for When Looking for a Toilet:

  • Repair parts
  • Warranty
  • Manufacturer
  • Cost

Remember toilets also have much to offer … 

  • Aesthetics
  • Function
  • Color
  • Size
  • Shape
  • Water usage

What are you looking for?

  • A bidet? What is a bidet?! 😊
  • A heated toilet seat?
  • A Good flush?
  • Cleaning function?
  • Is it the right fit?
  • Is it the right feel?
  • Is is Comfort- Height? What does comfort-height mean?

Remember as we age, our needs for toilets change as well. Our focus becomes less on aesthetics and more on height, flush and cleanliness.

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Expert Toilet Installation Services in Petaluma

Avoid Costly Damage: Say No to Clorox Tablets in Toilets

  • The Clorox tablet can eat away at the internal mechanisms of your toilet and cost you a great deal of money – a lot more than that tablet ever cost!

Prevent Toilet Staining and Damage: Flush Wisely

  • Toilet staining.
  • Acidity can damage the effectiveness of the flush.
  • Urine crystalizes and settles into the bottom of the bowl. The sodium from the urine settles and adheres to the porcelain, causing poor flush. This cannot be cleaned out and toilet replacement is imminent.

Choose Bidets Over "Flushable" Wipes for a Clog-Free Petaluma Home

  • Flushable wipes can still cause blockages especially when you don’t know the condition of your sewer line.

Comprehensive Toilet Solutions by Roman’s Plumbing, Inc.

We are extremely proud as plumbing professionals here at Roman’s Plumbing, Inc. to perform a full range of toilet services in Petaluma. From fixing a leaking toilet to replacing an old, inefficient toilet ~ we are happy to help! Let us take a “TO DO” list and get it “TA DONE!”

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